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Condition of the insulation materials in electrical equipments plays a major role in determining equipment reliability as well as serviceability. Insulation materials are subjected to various stresses including electrical, thermal and chemical. This can lead to partial breakdown of the insulation which causes further degradation. This is commonly referred to as Partial Discharge or PD.

PD measurement or detection is an effective way to assess the type and level of degradation that the insulation is suffering from. Using appropriate PD methods enables timely identification of major issues and hence help determine suitable timescales for necessary intervention, whether it is repair or replacement.


We offer a various PD detection and measurements methods which not only help identify emerging defects but also help in monitoring the issue either on a periodic basis or a continuous 24/7 basis.

Offline method – Electrical Measurement in line with IEC 60270. Applicable for Power Transformers, Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers.

Online method – UHF and Acoustic based methods using suitable coupling devices and sensors. These methods can be applied for online surveillance of substations, online monitoring of large power transformers, GIS system, Metal-clad switchgear etc.


Electrical Multi-Channel Acoustic Emission Technique measures Acoustic Emissions in 100KHz to 400KHz (Sound) without any electrical connections.

Transformers with thermal faults or having high PD activity can be classified as having a greater risk of failure. Once PD activity has been detected, the defects which are causing the PD need to be located and an remedial measures to be applied (Repair, Replace, PD monitoring etc...)

Acoustic Emission PD test on Transformers is very powerful method for condition assessment and fault diagnosis.

The AE methods are relatively immune to electromagnetic influences in live substation; hence the same can be effectively used at site for condition monitoring purpose.

Application:   Pinpointing of fault in transformer PD or Thermal or Arcing faults, Fault location in GIS system, Condition assessment of CT or CB


Utility Power Test offers very high quality shielded rooms which are designed indigenously in technical collaboration with HVTS, France. The shielded rooms are of modular design which allows an easy assembly & installation at the site.

The prefabricated high quality, double wall, wooden insulated, sandwiched shielding panels with associated profiles and structure components guarantee a maximum of flexibility regarding dimensions & allows for easy handling and entry via standard building doors.

This facilitates an installation close to the walls of the parent building. The small screwing distance and the precise tightening of the screws with predefined torque guarantee long life shielding attenuation characteristics.


  • Modular industrial design standard with double wall type structure

  • Prefabricated and modular 2 layer shielding panels made of wooden insulation

  • Self-supporting stabile structure

  • Does not involve welding

  • Long life shielding attenuation characteristics

  • Easy Modification/dismantling without any damage; prepared for future modifications or complete transfer

Typical Specifications:

External dimensions                    :   Free Size

Attenuation Frequency range  :   10kHz to 1MHz or Higher

Shielding Effectiveness              :   <5pC