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It is vital that moisture in oil filled electrical equipment like transformer is kept to its minimum and certainly within the prescribed limits to ensure equipment’s safe and reliable operation. In addition, excess moisture also has a detrimental effect on the solid insulation as it accelerates rate of insulation ageing & degradation.

Conventional techniques such as oil drying/degassing has a limited effect on managing absolute moisture levels within the equipment – this is because of the fact that around 98-99% of moisture resides within solid, paper insulation which is not directly accessible using the conventional methods ( like oil filtration )

We offer an alternative method which utilizes moisture adsorbents, as recommended by the IEEE –C57-140 guidelines, to remove moisture from the insulating oil while the equipment is in service. This method gives a distinct advantage as it gradually extracts the moisture due to thermal characteristics of the transformer under load.

Key benefits of this method of moisture removal are that it is easy to install, can remove significant quantity of water from insulation paper without having a need to apply vacuum and long shutdowns.